Importing and Exporting Bookmarks

Importing and Exporting to Unmark Installations

Importing and Exporting your bookmarks from one installation of Unmark to another is quick and easy. We highly recommend doing this even just as a backup of your own bookmarks. Let’s say you’re using a local installation of Unmark on your home computer, but you’d like to have an accessible copy as a backup on — you can export and import your data as often as you’d like in the Settings panel.

Importing from Browsers, Pinboard, & Delicious

When you upgrade to a paid account, you can start importing your bookmarks from your favorite web browser, Pinboard, or Delicious. Supported browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 11. 

Pinboard users can export their bookmarks in HTML format. Delicious users can do the same here.

To import, go to your Unmark settings and click on “Import or Export Marks.” You‘ll then have the option to “Import from Other.” Select your exported HTML file and all your bookmarks will be in available to Unmark.

Please note: your import file must be in “Netscape Bookmark File Format“ (which is also a HTML file).