Frequently asked questions about Unmark.

Can I import my bookmarks from anywhere else?

Yes! Unmark is designed to help you do something with your bookmarks and then archive them. It isn’t meant to be a full replacement for Pinboard or Delicious. In fact, we highly recommend Pinboard! However, if you do have some bookmarks in Pinboard, Chrome, Delicious, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. you can import them on Unmark.it.

But, but, then what is the import and export function for? 

Unmark is available both as a hosted service and an open source application that you can install on your own computer. Importing and exporting to and from each of these services makes it quick and easy to switch back and forth and to keep a back up.

How much does Unmark cost?

Unmark is a free, open source application. The hosted solution, found at Unmark.it, is free to sign up and use — and costs just $12 a year (that’s $1 a month!) to use full featured and with support.

Why use Unmark if I use Pinboard or Delicious?

Unmark is attempting to give you back some of your time. By trying to predict what you want to do with a mark (read it, watch it, buy it, etc.) and then providing you with a toolset to accomplish that goal, Unmark can save you time and effort. Also, it is gorgeous.

I’m a geek. Can I contribute to Unmark?

Absolutely. Fork the Unmark repo on GitHub and if you end up making any modifications to the application that we think will work great for the community, we’ll pull them in. We sincerely appreciate any contributions!

Who made Unmark?

Plain did. We’re a team in northeastern Pennsylvania that loves to build simple and powerful tools. We also made Barley.